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Any difficult situation which your got into has A WAY OUT, and I WILL GUIDE You...!

It is important not a fact, but our attitude to the fact, that is also a fact. I AM.

  The following methods are used for solving your problems: face-to-face and distance.

Face-to-face  methods:
   The city of Moscow. You are coming to an appointment, to the session. Your condition and specific problem are being diagnosed. You are explaned in detail, what is happening, what for, why and what the reasons are. If you don't want the explanations, specific work for solving your problem is being done at once: magical operation, sensitive or informational impact or another similar method - depending on your specific case.
  If you're OK with the senses (not all people immediately sense a change in their state), you will sense your inner state changing for the better at once. At the end of the session you are given specific practical advice (strictly individual) to consolidate and develop the positive result. In other words - your protection. It can be a single visit or you will have to come a few times - depending on the complexity of your problem.
  The following methods are also used in the work: manual correction, reflexotherapy, sexology, psychotherapy, sensitive and magical  techniques. My work is based upon laws of our mind, our nature, and human archetype.
  I do not have anything in common with any dark forces! My methods of work are outside of religion. For believers and religious people at their request and depending on specific case, the work with the Church is possible (white magic ritual methods)

Distance methods:
   If you live in another city or country please contact with me via e-mail: , phone: +7 916 142 4063, or a computer program Skype - my nick: genaal777, download free version  ««HERE»», in which both voice and video chat are possible (if you have web-camera we can see each other).
  You are telling me your problem or its essence. If you wish I explain to you why it happened to you. Next I do specific work to address your problem. I give consolidation advice in the form of movements, sound formula, image, digital series, etc.
  There are times when a person cannot or does not want to talk about their problem; in this case, it is required to any information  (extraneous) from them. In any case, the problem will be solved smoothly, and you will be restored to your natural rights.

You can learn about the results of my work in ««COMMENTS»» section.
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Translated by Olga Мalinovskaya, contact telephone +7 905 523-8148

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