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  My name is Gennady Al. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and I have been living there ever after. I have higher education. I am a magus, creative psychoanalyst, sensitiv, practical psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist "(Sexology course - psychotherapy of sexual dysfunctions by the programme of Vienna Institute of perineometry and sex therapy ""Austria"")" The experience of professional work in these spheres is more than 20 years.
  I have the special education in the best World and Russian esoteric schools: higher magic, white magic, parapsychology, etc. I have a great number of diplomas and certificates.    I am included in the Russian International Register of Complementary Medicine. The information is on the website of the Institute of Traditional Medicine ««ENIOM»».
  I am a full member of the European Psychotherapy Association (the headquarters is in Vienna, Austria) and of All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Moscow, Russia). I have an own system. I am the author of the book
««Masculine and Feminine: Remember everything»».

My understanding of the essence of things.
    A person is the most perfect creature in the world. S/He has just forgotten about it at some moment. As the Bible reads a person is created in the image and likeness of God. That is meant the status of omnipotence and absolute opportunities. This means absolute unity with the outside (ambient) and the inner world of the person, i.e. with themselves. Because all the external environment - that is ME, and internal environment is also - ME!
  On this basis I AM everything and always! That means a person has everything and always. I repeate, s/he has just forgotten about it! Let's call this ideal status as a status of integrity and unity. Any deviation from this status is DESIRE. Any DESIRE. We always wish someone or something, that is, we wish to have integrity with someone or something. At the same time we forget, that we have the object of desire everywhere and always with us.
  All the person's life consists of desires - more truly, from realization of desires. Any desire is realized absolutely completely, including the prohibition of the desire, that is also a desire. That is why our life is absolute    fulfillment of all our desires. Only we want some of the desires to be fulfilled, and we don't want other desires to be fulfilled. Absolutely all the desires are fulfilled! A person has the only desire - a desire of integrity with oneself, but in different forms.
  Nonsense occurs - we have everything and always but still we desire something. Hence the only obstacle to the absolute status of integrity and unity with oneself is any desire. We desire that we already have always.
  In order to get closer to the omnipotence status one has to work out specific basic desires. These desires can be and are in two components of a person - in a genetic one (from earth) and essential (from the world of a movable sense, let's say, from the top, from heaven).
  The well-known duality principle is: Yin-Yang, the upper stream - the lower stream, soul - body, etc. One more parameter - TIME - is taken in working with desires, as all the people are used to think in terms of past and future. Therefore the basic desires lie in the Past or Future of the genetic (kin) component, or in the Past and Future essential (reincarnation) component.
  With the help of specific methods I find the basic desires that interfere with a person's life and work them out (take them away). Thus, the problem is solved.
  As a result all the energy returns that was spent on attempts to realize spesific desires. The status is been reestablishing, the problems disappear, and the person gets their natural rights. The development and life go on!

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Translated by Olga Мalinovskaya, contact telephone +7 905 523-8148

Masculine and Feminine

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